No matter how good your organs are, if the blood does not circulate well through the blood vessels, the organs cannot play their function and will turn bad quicker, so vessels are important to human body. The cables connecting all audio equipments are just like our vessels, if the cables do not match the equipments, no matter how expensive they are, they won’t be able to unleash their performance and it is a waste of the value of equipments.

There are a bunch of music enthusiast and audio engineers, they are well know of the above theory, they also know that there are no cables in the market that can fully shown the power of the audio equipments and meet their standards. Therefore they use their knowledge and develop the vessels of audio: Hi-End cables.

After many hours of research and tons of ideas, they have search all over the world for the best raw materials, use hearing as reference, think from the user’s point of view to and to maximize the acoustic effect. T-Adler Kabelsysteme is created to meet their requirements and launch to the market. It can unleash all of the potential powers of the audio equipments for the best quality of sound. This is also the power to drive all T-Adler’s engineers for the feeling of success.